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All 50 States Minimum Wage, Income, and Billionaire Count

Check out this list to learn the minimum wage of your state as well the median household income – where do you fit in? We’ve compiled data from the U.S. Census Bureau and Forbe’s Billionaires list to provide some insight and facts about how our 50 states rank against each other.

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9 Frugal Money Saving Tips – Save an extra $1,300 Automatically

Here’s 9 common tips that the majority of people can put into action right away without much effort. The average annual savings from these tips is about $1,300 – not a huge amount, right? Wrong. Contribute this to a retirement savings and you’d have another $39,000 over 30 years – easily a six figure sum after accounting for year over year compounding interest.

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‘Honey’ Automatically Applies Coupon Codes at Checkout

Honey is a free Google Chrome plugin that automatically searches for and applies coupon codes to any purchase you make online. It’s 100% automated and may save you a pretty penny from time to time. Simply click one button on any checkout page and Honey does the rest.

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Level Money App Review & Features | Real-time Daily Budgets

Most finance apps are complicated with tons of graphs & charts – Level Money (free) is a different kind of app, showing 3 real-time (as you spend) budget bubbles on the main screen. Set a monthly amount you’d like to save, and Level Money syncs all your accounts to determine your income vs. expenses and create a daily budget.

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Top 10 Money Management & Personal Finance Books

These books are the most effective and highly rated in all of personal finance. Learn how to masterfully manage your income so that you’re not only saving money, but also taking advantage of many financial tools that put your money to work.

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The 5 Best Personal Finance Podcasts

Podcasts are soaring in popularity, and arguably are one of the best ways to learn. They’re completely free, available on mobile devices, and here’s the best part: you can save time by listening and learning while you’re driving, walking, working, or exercising.

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The 5 Best Personal Finance Subreddits

These Subreddit communities are continually focused on mastering financial success and surrounding themselves with constant up to date information regarding everything ‘money’. Join their ranks to help get ahead in the money making world!

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